Word/Words of the Week

April 17 -21

Patience/Moderation  - The power to wait calmly without complaining; avoiding extremes.

State Testing Dates

 It is crucial that all students are present during these testing dates.    

 We made it through week one of testing!

One more week to go!

Grades 3-8

April 25                  Math Part 1

April 26                  Math Parts 2 & 3

April 27                Science

 2nd Grade

 April 25      ELA Parts 1 & 2

April 26      ELA Parts 3 & 4

April 27      Math

School Events
•  Band and 4th/5th Grade Recorder Performance
Time: 1:00 PM
Directions: Unity Gym
•  ELA Testing Grade 2 Parts 1 & 2
•  Math Testing Grades 3 - 8 Part 1
•  Math Testing Grades 3 - 8 Parts 2 & 3
•  ELA Testing Grade 2 Parts 2 & 3
•  First Priority
Time: 7:20 AM
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/18/2016 to 5/18/2017
•  Math Testing Grade 2
•  School Bank
Time: 7:15 AM
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/18/2016 to 5/18/2017
•  Science Testing Grades 3 - 8
•  8th Grade Parent Night
Time: 6:00 PM
•  8th Grade Night
Time: 5:00 PM
Unity's Student of the Month for April 2017
Kenzie Widner
Kenzie Widner
Congratulations to Kenzie Widner!  Kenzie is a 7th grader and the daughter of Brian and Malisha Widner.  She enjoys...

Our 2017-18 Cheerleaders   Congratulations to the following students! Addisyn Crutchfield Chloe Holcomb Elizabeth...
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Congratulations to Mrs. Patsy Widner!
Mrs. Patsy Widner

Check your student's progress! https://sis-lincoln.tnk12.gov/InformationNow/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fInformationNow%2fDefault.aspx...

  Danielle Groce - President Jennifer Locker - Vice-President Star Luna - Treasurer Mandy Porter - Secretary Julie...
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To view or print a supply list do the following: Go to the left hand side of the page and click on Supply Lists. This will...
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  Parents must sign their child/children out in the office and wait in the office for their child to be called to the...
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Students must turn in their doctor's note to the office to be put in the computer.  Students must get a re-admit slip before...
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Lincoln County Department of Education approved the following Attendance Policy for all Lincoln County Schools on June 29, 2010....
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On the days that school is only in session for a 1/2 day, the following schedule will be followed: On the abbreviated day,...
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For the protection of all students, all parents/visitors must report to the office upon entering the building to sign in and...
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Students are permitted the possession of cell phones during the hours school is in session with the following restrictions: Cell...
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If weather conditions create a change in the regular school day, these schedule changes will be made over the local radio and...
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  Lincoln County Department of Education School Bus Garage 1010 Hedgemont Avenue Fayetteville, TN 37334 (931)...
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    BUSES Keith Gill - 433-5733 Diann Hall #08-61 DeAnn...
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