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Thursday, February 21, 2013
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Lincoln County Department of Education

School Bus Garage

1010 Hedgemont Avenue

Fayetteville, TN 37334

(931) 433-5733




TO:                  Parents of Students Transported to Lincoln County Schools


FROM:             Keith Gill, Student Transportation Supervisor


SUBJECT:         Maintaining a Good Bus Time Schedule


In order for the Lincoln County school bus drivers to maintain a good time schedule, it is necessary for student bus riders to be at the curb/roadside when the bus arrives to pick up the students. Each bus route has twenty to thirty-five scheduled stops per route. If each student causes an extra 15 to 30 seconds delay by waiting inside of the house, walking slowly down the walkway, etc., a problem develops. Buses which bring students to meet other buses to transport students to the high school or junior high school are missed. Buses waiting for students can cause as much as 18 minutes delay on arrival at any given school. We encourage equal treatment in these matters for all students, and most certainly do not recommend that a bus driver leave students at home. This would defeat the primary purpose of safe student transportation.


The Lincoln County Department of Education must transport students within the time limit set by the Tennessee State Department of Education, which is one and one-half hours morning and evening respectively. We are asking that you as parents/guardians see to it that your child is at the curb/roadside each morning. We realize that last minute accidents/emergencies will occur, but barring these conditions, we respectfully request your support in this effort.


It is a proven fact that horseplay, loud talk, and jumping in seats have caused severe accidents on buses transporting children as distraction takes the driver’s attention from the road. Please encourage your children to strictly comply with all rules of safety. Bus drivers do have the authority to assign seating to students who refuse to obey safety rules and comply with driver instructions. Bus drivers will refer students who continue to present a discipline problem to the administration of their school.


We thank you for your past support and look forward to your cooperation in a combined effort for safe transportation for all children of Lincoln County.

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