Attendance Policy
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Students must turn in their doctor's note to the office to be put in the computer.  Students must get a re-admit slip before returning to class after an absence or a check out (regardless of the time they are checked out). Notes that appear to have been altered will not be accepted. Parents can call in but that does not count as a doctor's note or a parent note, they must be turned in to the office so that we can file them in the student's file. 

Tardies are when your child checks in late or checks out early.  They will also need a note for tardies.  Students are only allowed (3) three parent notes for tardies and/or absences per semester which will be excused and the rest need to be doctor's notes.  The notes must be turned in to the office within (2) two days of the absence or tardy or within (2) two days of returning to school.  Notes turned in late will NOT be accepted.  Dentist notes will excuse a student for ½ day.

Parents will receive a letter after each unexcused tardy.  Please note that after (10) ten unexcused tardies they will be referred to the Truancy Board and/or (5) five unexcused absences they will be referred to the Attendance Review Board. 

Please refer to the student handbook for more detailed information. 

School starts before 7:50 am and ends at 2:50 pm.  The NGA Express Shuttle Bus leaves at 2:42.  Car riders are dismissed at 2:50 and bus riders are dismissed at 2:50.  Buses leave the school at about 3:18.

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